Delivery Partner Terms

FaszzFood Riders Services Terms

1. FaszzFood riders should follow the work schedule and working hours set by the Company.
2. For leave, FaszzFood riders must fill in a leave form one week before the leave date.
3. If FaszzFood riders unable to attend work, they need to notify the Company either through SMS / WhatsApp and give a valid reason. Any absence should be reported before 11am.
4. All evidence of the correspondence or documents need to be submitted to the Company the following day. Required documents: • Death – Death certificate • Illness – Medical certificate (MC) from clinics or hospitals • Accident – Police report & MC • Damage motorcycle – Receipts from the motorcycle workshop
5. If FaszzFood riders absence for three (3) consecutive days without any notice, company will consider it as termination without notice. 1. Requirements: i. Age 18 years and above ii. Possess own bike iii. Valid license, B2 iv. Required Ty2 Injection v. Malaysian citizenship

2. Company Assets
2.1 Company delivery box and cooler must be returned to the company every day after the shift ends.
2.2 If there is any damage to the company’s assets caused by the FaszzFood riders, the company is entitled to take disciplinary action or to deduct commissions to cover costs.
2.3 Cash payment received from customers must be returned to Company on the same day. Failure to do that is against the law and the Company has the rights to take disciplinary actions, make a police report and create a legal proceding accordingly. 2.4 RM150 will be collected from the rider as a deposit for the delivery box and will be refunded after their service expires.

3. Uniform
3.1 FaszzFood riders need to wear a uniform/t-shirts together with dark coloured pants and covered shoes during working hours.
3.2 Uniform must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
3.3 If the FaszzFood riders do not wear the said uniforms/t-shirts, the Company is entitled to take a disciplinary action and the riders won’t be allowed to make any delivery.
3.4 RM50 will be collected as a uniform deposit and will be returned to the rider after their service expires.

4. Work Ethic
4.1 Every order should be given a priority. If there is any incoming order, the FaszzFood riders need to priorities all orders first.
4.2 Foods delivered are all halal. Each will be packed in a nice and neat manner. FaszzFood riders’ task is only to deliver it.
4.3 Orders must be delivered in good conditions as soon as possible. Any delay, FaszzFood riders will be penalized RM10 for each order.
4.4 For any spillage and damages to the food delivered due to negligent of the FaszzFood riders, the FaszzFood riders will take full responsibility and the costs of the damaged goods will be deducted from FaszzFood riders’ salary.
4.5 FaszzFood riders should always stay alert at all times and every call or messages received on their mobile phone must be taken seriously. Failure to answer any calls or reply any messages during working hours without reasonable excuses will be subject to a disciplinary action.

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